Engine Knocking Prevented With Insta-Lube Kit
Stop Engine Knocking Now!
Engine Knocking Prevented Insta-Lube Kit

Eliminate the Engine knocking Noise on Start-ups by installing the Insta-Lube Engine Oil Pre-Lube kit.

The Insta-Lube kit will pressurize the engine oil system before the first revolution of the Crankshaft and the Engine-Knocking Sound will disappear.

The Engine Oil Pressure that Separates and prevents wear to the Main Bearings, Rod Bearings, Cam Shaft Bearings, Hydraulic Valve Lifters, Wrist Pens and Hydraulic Timing Chain Adjusters, isn't present untill after the Engine is already running!  

The Oil Pump is connected to the Crankshaft, which has to spin several hundred revolutions before the first oil pressure is present to separate the Bearing surfaces, resulting in Bearing Wear each and every time the Engine is started.

                      The longer the Engine is idle between Start-ups, the greater the Bearing Wear.

This harmful Engine Bearing Wear and the engine-knocking noise will be eliminated by installing the Insta-Lube Pre-Lube kit to Pressurize the Oil System before Start-ups.

If your Engine Bearings are already Worn, the Insta-Lube Kit will stop the Bearing Knocking and extend the life of your Engine.

The Storage Tank is connected to the Engine oil gallery with a  hydraulic hose where the Pressure-Sending Unit enters the Engine block.

When the Engine is running the Solenoid Valve on the Insta-Lube Kit remains open and the Engine Oil Pump fills and Pressurizes the Storage Tank. 

Digital Controller Closes the Solenoid Valve when the Highest Pressure is Stored in the Tank  making it ready for the next Start-up.

As soon as the ignition key is turned on, the Lubrication System will start to be Pressurized and within a few seconds you will see pressure registering on your Engine Oil Gauge, giving you a Fully Lubricated Engine start. 

The Insta-Lube Pre-Lube Kit will work on all Auto, Boat, Car, Truck, Marine, Classic Car, Motor Home, SUV, Gasoline, Diesel, Industrial, Generator Engines And Motors. 

Click 2004 XK8 JAGUAR Picture For Installation Video
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