Engine Knocking Prevented With Insta-Lube Kit
Stop Engine Knocking Now!
Engine Knocking Prevented Insta-Lube Kit-Frequent Questions
Q: My 1998 Ford Crown Vic has developed an engine knocking sound that disappears when the oil pressure goes up when it is first started. Will the Insta-Lube kit solve the problem?

A: Yes the pre-lube kit will pressurize the engine bearings before the first revolution of the crankshaft and the engine knocking sound will disappear because the bearings will be pressurized and separated. 

Q: I have a 1997 Ford F150 truck that has developed hydraulic valve lifter noise when it first starts in the morning and it is gradually getting louder. Will your Pre lube kit eliminate the lifter clatter on startups?

A: Yes the hydraulic valve lifters making the noise will be pressurized and adjusted before startup and the lifter noise and further wear will be eliminated after installing the Insta-Lube kit. 

Q: I have a Winnebago motor home with a 440 CID engine; will the pre lube system work on my engine as well as my four-cylinder Toyota?

A: There are 4 Insta-Lube kits sizes to choose from to work on any size engine from 4 cylinder to the largest industrial engines.

Q: I am using a miracle oil additive that is supposed to eliminate wear on start up so why would I need to install the Insta-Lube Kit?

A: None of the additives can pressurize and separate the main bearings, rod bearings, camshaft bearings, turbocharger bearings, and adjust the hydraulic valve lifters and timing chain adjustors like the Insta-Lube kit will.   

Q: I have a Classic 1951 Pontiac that uses a 6-volt electrical system will the pre-luber work on it?

A: Yes the Insta-Lube kit comes in12-volt 6-volt 24-volt systems and  the storage tank can be installed in any position and out of site to maintain the original classic apperance.

Q: How good is the pre-lube kit in cold weather?

A: This is an area that is especially important as a lot of wear takes place on cold startups.
By installing the pre-lube kit you eliminate most of this wear and prolong the life of your engine.

Q: Will installing the kit void my engine warranty?

A: Your warranty will not be affected by installing the Insta-Lube kit.
According to the
MAGNUSON-MOSS WARRANTY ACT OF 1975 installing aftermarket equipment does not void a vehicle manufacturer's original warranty.


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